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Transmission Repair/ServiceYour car’s transmission lets you know when it needs a repair, and it is smart to take care of it as soon as possible. The transmission is the part of your car that converts the power from the engine into usable force that makes your car move. Stalling easily is often an early sign that your transmission is not working properly, putting you in danger of getting hit by another car. Your car’s dashboard may show warning lights, but they usually appear after you have ignored these signs of trouble:

  • Increasing pressure on the accelerator does not make the car go faster
  • The engine races, but the car does not move
  • Pink fluid on the garage floor
  • A burning smell
  • Feeling a vibration or hearing a noise when the gears shift

If you are experiencing any of these issues, you might be a candidate for transmission repair in Katy, TX. Just give us a call!

Transmission Repair Katy TX

Problems with your transmission do not always mean that you need to replace it. Many other solutions can return your car to good condition. Taking action as soon as possible is a good financial decision since transmission problems never improve. Dangers you face from neglecting to get a repair include accidents, the inability to drive your car, and the possibility of fire from overheating.

The first step YHS Automotive takes is to check the condition and level of the fluid before taking your car on a road test. With your car on a lift, our expert technicians look for external problems with gaskets and connections that are faulty. Following a visual inspection of the undercarriage, we run computer diagnostics to retrieve codes that identify internal problems. Some problems are corrected by adding fluid or replacing transmission lines, and others may require rebuilding or replacing the transmission.

Transmission Repair Near Me

You have options that let you do the best thing for your car when you rely on an experienced and reputable shop. Getting inaccurate information about the problem can mislead you into making an expensive mistake, and you cannot know the difference. At the first sign of trouble, make an appointment at YHS Automotive. We have the equipment and the ability to diagnose the problem and provide the best transmission repair in Katy, TX!

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